Why T4?
We are a team of analysts, managers, directors, executives, and software developers. We believe that there is more to the journey to develop intuitive, compelling tools and solutions that really hit the mark for treasury and finance professionals. This journey requires deep domain knowledge, broad technical expertise, a well-considered approach, and an unwavering respect for—and steadfast commitment to—customer ownership of data.
Deep Domain Knowledge
We Understand Treasury
The T4 team collectively has decades of experience in corporate treasury and finance. From automated ISO 20022 messaging, to SWIFT onboarding for corporates, to decomposing complex FX gains and losses, we have spearheaded innovation at multiple companies throughout our careers. Our intimate knowledge of treasury functions, requirements, responsibilities, and systems puts us in a unique and qualified position to develop well-designed tools specific to the needs of corporate treasury.
Broad Technical Competencies
We Understand Development
T4's domain knowledge and product vision is backed by a best-in-class software engineering team with decades of industry experience. We are building world-class API-based solutions with security as a tightly-held concern.
Respect for Customer Ownership of Data
It's a simple principle
Customer data is owned and controlled by the customer. Period. Whether other providers understand this principle or not, Treasury4 does. We completely respect that your data belongs to you and only you. We will not sell your data, pool your data, or share your data in any way, shape, or form. We recognize the trust given to us by our valued customers and it is a trust that we will never violate.
Four Important Data Pillars
Our solutions are built around four data pillars that we believe provide the fundamental groundwork for successful workflows. These core values are inherent in each solution we provide: automation, analytics, visualization, and security.
Automation of data feeds to eliminate manual processes and errors
Enabling powerful data analytics capabilities for performance improvement
Compelling visualization tools for rich graphical presentation of data stories
Robust multi-layered end-to-end security to prevent unauthorized data access
An Accomplished Team
Our team members have received multiple treasury and finance awards, which are indicative of the innovation that we bring to the table.
Best New B2B Company
2022 Ignite Northwest 25 + 5 (Treasury4)
CFO of the Year, Public Company
Puget Sound Business Journal, 2009 (Itron, Inc)
Alexander Hamilton Silver Award for Technology Excellence
Treasury and Risk 2020 (Tableau)
Adam Smith Highly Commended Award for Best Card Solution
Treasury Today 2019 (Tableau)
Adam Smith Highly Commended Award for Best Card Solution
Treasury Today 2018 (Tableau)
Adam Smith Award for Best Process Re-engineering Solution
Treasury Today (Itron)
Global Treasury Award for Best Treasury Technology
GTNews (Itron runner up to NASDAQ)
40 under 40 Award
2007 Treasury and Risk (Microsoft)