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It's our mission to help you succeed
We are on a mission to help our customers succeed. We build dynamic tools and solutions that deliver powerful and actionable insights for company decision-makers and their teams to better understand their own company, to quickly identify issues and opportunities, and to make informed decisions. In effect, we provide the key that allows our customers to unlock the amazing potential of their own treasury data.
The extraordinary potential of company treasury data
Treasury data refers to all of the facts, figures, details and statistics (both direct and indirect) regarding mission-critical financial flows and risks. Treasury data can be viewed as an ecosystem of connected data sets which include balances, transactions, forecasts, payments, rates, exposures, investments, debt, equity, legal, tax, accounting, and other types of data. Hidden away in the depth and breadth of your treasury data is great power—highly beneficial operational and strategic insights—waiting to be unleashed.
What do finance & treasury professionals want?
The actionable insights concealed in your treasury data requires careful analysis by finance & treasury professionals to uncover and surface. And what is the basic desire that these professionals all have? Simply put—to get the right data at the right time in the right format. In other words, the exact treasury data they need for a given task, at the time they are ready to begin the task, and in a usable format.
Accessing the data you need often proves difficult
When it comes to accessing treasury data, the ideal is often quite different from reality. Finance & treasury professionals frequently spend an inordinate amount of time and effort gathering data manually. Between multiple source data locations, complex data access requirements, and artificially walled-off databases, obtaining the precise data needed repeatedly proves to be a lengthy, aggravating, and even excruciating process.
We understand because we have been there ourselves
We empathize with your frustrations of getting the right data at the right time. Our team has spent many years suffering in the trenches of finance and treasury, caught between the demands of urgently needed analyses and the exasperating inaccessibility of treasury data. We have always felt that there must be a better way to access and analyze mission-critical treasury data, and better, modern, easy-to-use tools for finance & treasury professionals.
Technological innovation for corporate finance & treasury
Because we come from finance & treasury and deeply understand the demanding requirements of this space, we are uniquely positioned to help professionals like you to access and analyze your data. Our founders have an award-winning track record of technological innovation in simplifying and automating access to treasury data. For this reason, we like to say that the Treasury4 platform and its modular solutions are designed and built BY finance & treasury professionals FOR finance & treasury professionals.
The Treasury4 platform
We architected and built the intuitive, modern system that we have been dreaming of for years. The Treasury4 platform is an API-based system of record for managing treasury data using modular solutions. It provides authorized users secure access to the data they need when they need, it in the format they require. It is a configurable, scalable SaaS-based system with an easy-to-navigate design, and role-based provisioning. The platform includes a broad set of Treasury4-curated reference data along with advanced analytics capabilities, and allows users to employ their preferred business intelligence tool of choice.
Our solutions
The Treasury4 platform is a full SaaS-suite of complementary, interconnected solutions. Because the solutions are modular, they enable our customers to decide which solutions to include for their business. Our first solution, Entity4, is designed for the unique, department-specific needs of corporate users who own, maintain, or consume legal entity data. Our second solution, Cash4, provides corporate users with an exceptional, real-time view of global cash. Forecast4, Payments4, and other future solutions are under development and not yet commercially available.
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