Our Solution Roadmap
From day one our goal has been to develop exceptionally secure, intuitive solutions that truly meet the needs of corporate finance and treasury users. Built with API connectivity and data integration automation, our solutions enable near-time queries, visual data discovery, user-customized dashboards and flexible analytics.
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Corporate legal entity management done right
Built for the unique needs of users across key corporate departments—legal, tax, treasury, internal auditing, accounting, procurement and others. Entity4 is a powerful, easy-to-navigate tool which covers all aspects of managing legal entity data and events: registrations tracking, beneficial ownership, bank accounts, signatories, officers & directors, renewals, document management, and much more. Powerful, visual, mobile, user-friendly, with natural workflows & processes—a remarkable new tool.
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Understand what drives your global cash
A robust cash management solution for tracking and monitoring cash worldwide. Cash4 provides daily account balance and transaction reporting via standardized bank connectivity. Customer-defined categorization and classification of transactions enables reconciliation against known or expected activity. A flexible, near-time tool that allows dynamic analytics on any segment of cash flow along a variety of user-defined dimensions.
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Generate secure data-rich payments
A secure payments hub which creates payments with enriched data packages and routes them to the appropriate payment rail for execution. With full support for ISO 20022, Payments4 handles the nuances of payments, payment types, payment formats and bank-specific differences in the use of messaging fields. It establishes secure connectivity to the payment processor whether a bank partner or an alternative payment platform. Extraordinary, clean, intuitive—an invaluable addition to your toolbox.
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Dramatically improve short-term forecast accuracy
A meticulously designed forecast system for managing and improving short-term treasury forecasts such as FX or cash. Forecast4 incorporates machine learning and utilizes a customizable suite of artificial intelligence algorithms. The system consolidates critical inputs to the forecast process and provides insightful feedback pinpointing sources of historical forecast variance. A capable and compelling tool for forecast owners.
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Delivers a detailed decomposition of FX gain/loss results
Forex4 is a comprehensive FX management system for corporates. It allows users to measure, monitor and mitigate exchange rate volatility. Its core is exposure management—a full global aggregation of exposures from all underlying systems of record. Forex4 integrates with trading platforms to capture all details of trades, confirmations and settlements. The differentiating capability of Forex4 is a full deconstruction of FX gain/loss results along user-defined dimensions over any period of time.
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Short on Expertise? Allow us to manage T4 solutions for you
Worth their weight in gold, there are typically too few talented treasury professionals to meet all the demands made on treasury. We have a solution for this challenge. Advisory4 is a service we offer to our customers where we directly manage their selected solutions on the Treasury4 platform for them using our own in-house experts. We ensure customer success through training, consultation, implementation, monitoring, reviews and best-in-class support—which is why Advisory4 will be a trusted partner to corporate treasuries worldwide.
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